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A commercial HVAC system is much different from a residential one in terms of landscape, complexity, drainage, manufacturing, and especially installation. Additionally, it is deployed to a much larger space, such as department stores, warehouses, and medium-sized businesses. 

If you’re considering installing an HVAC system, choose South Florida Crane and Cooling LLC. We offer services for commercial HVAC in Palm City and make sure our work adheres to standards.

Commercial HVAC Palm City

Things To Consider Before Installing Commercial HVAC in Palm City

When you own a business in a large commercial area, the last thing you would want is for your customers to experience discomfort because of a lack of proper ventilation. Therefore, installing a commercial HVAC system is crucial to make your employees and customers comfortable and keep the business up and running. 

However, there are some points you need to consider before doing so. You should note the following before installing a commercial HVAC in Palm City. 

System Type 

Today, many different types of HVAC systems are used in commercial buildings. Following are some types of designs available in the market. 

  • Single-split system– This system is popular in cafes, shops, and other small establishments. It is made up of interior and exterior units linked together by a copper pipe.
  • Multi-split system– This system consists of four to five indoor units linked to one larger outdoor compressor. This provides maximum comfort with a convenient and economical air solution. 

Space Size 

Commercial properties and buildings consume much energy to meet their cooling and heating requirements. On the other hand, it is essential to acquire the right equipment to avoid energy waste and short cycling. This only means that if you have a more extensive facility, you will likely need more than one HVAC system. 

Your commercial HVAC in Palm City should have the correct space size appropriate for your area of business. 

Building Location

Your building’s geographical location is essential when choosing the right HVAC system. Depending on the location, the site may experience heat or coldness. With this in mind, you need to select a plan that ensures system efficiency. We can carefully craft a design that suits your building type and ensure your new system works perfectly fine for years.

Internal Temperature Factors 

Some commercial establishments have internal processes that have a discernible impact on the ambient temperature. For instance, a space with a kitchen will have hotter zones than those in the reception areas. That said, zone-controlled systems are more suitable than a centralized heating or cooling source. 

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Operating a business can be more efficient if you install an HVAC system, providing reliable indoor temperature. On top of that, this system also increases employee and customers’ comfort while reducing electricity bills and other power-related expenditures. 

At South Florida Crane and Cooling LLC, we understand the importance of installing the right commercial HVAC in Palm City. We do this by considering your building’s size and budget. Our years of experience handling different HVAC-related concerns gives us credibility, which means you can count on us to do a good job in this task.

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