Industry-Certified Heating Maintenance in Stuart, FL

Like any of your appliances at home, your heating system also needs maintenance to protect it as a whole and prevent expensive repairs down the road. It would be best to let professionals maintain your system to avoid any issues.

You don’t want to encounter heating problems when winter comes because it’s a sure hassle. To help you with this, we at South Florida Crane and Cooling LLC offer quality heating maintenance in Stuart, FL.

Heating Maintenance Stuart

Heating Maintenance Services in Stuart, FL

There are various ways for professionals perform to maintain a heating system. Every heating unit component should be inspected to detect and troubleshoot problems as early as possible. Here are the five maintenance services our heating maintenance company offers.

Thermostat Checking

Checking the thermostat is one essential yet helpful way to see if things are working right. We recommend turning on your thermostat twice a year, one in the spring and one in the fall. When you turn it on, the furnace should kick in, making a noticeable sound.

Leave it running, and if it switches itself off after a few minutes, you might have a problem. This issue is commonly called short cycling. The best thing to do is call our heating maintenance in Stuart, FL, to inspect and troubleshoot your system.

Filter Inspection

Part of our service is to check your air filter at least once a month. We also replace air filters every three months or four times a year. Replacing your unit’s air filter can improve your indoor air quality and make your heating system more efficient. Likewise, a clean air filter will put you away from serious issues. If you don’t know how to replace your air filters, you can contact our team of experts in heating maintenance in Stuart, FL, and make them do all the work.

Heat Pump Tune-up

The heat pump of your system works hard, so it is essential to tune it up at least twice a year. We suggest scheduling a tune-up to our heating maintenance before and after winter. Our goal is to detect any issues before your heat pump starts working again. A

well-conditioned heat pump can give your heating system an efficient performance. Likewise, you don’t have to deal with significant issues if you manage to take care of your heat pump.

Internal Vents Cleaning

We’ll check the internal vents found in every room of your house. Sometimes, there is accumulated dust, dirt, or pet hair on your ducts that need cleaning. You don’t want blocked internal vents because it will result in poor air circulation. It’s one of the messy maintenance tasks so let our heating maintenance experts perform a thorough cleaning.

Home Inspection

When there are leaky doors and windows, your heating system tends to overwork itself. It’s because of the cold air coming inside, which could pressure your system. We can avoid this by checking the edges of every window and door of your home. If there are small holes or potential leaks, we can seal them using a simple foam strip. By doing this, you can help your system run without further pressure.

Contact A Reliable Heating Maintenance!

Even if you know how to maintain your heating system, you still need help from professionals at least twice a year. By reaching out to exemplary service technicians, you can also detect potential issues with your system and stop them from occurring.

With our trained technicians at South Florida Crane and Cooling LLC, you can guarantee satisfactory heating maintenance. Call us at (772) 208-0146 to book an appointment and have your heating system maintained the right way!